Henri De Lubac on the Chasm Between Current and Patristic Thought

The early church is working with an entirely different worldview and thought when it comes to Holy Scripture. It isn’t necessarily a method that we can just mimic but it is a whole approach when engaging the text. This is one of the chasms that we may or may not be able to cross when it comes to the oft times odd (to us) figural/allegorical/christological approach to reading scripture.

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QOTD: Augustine on the Scriptures

A young Augustine reaches out and argues that to attack the Christian philosophy you must first understand the Christian scriptures for they are the foundation for the Christian’s thinking. The posture one must come to the Scriptures is one of humility and submission to the wisdom and knowledge contained in them. 

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United in Christ: Augustine and the Tower of Babel

The tower of Babel marks one of humanity's most pride filled moments in history. Recall, the people wanted to build themselves a city with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be…

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Early Christianity

QOTD: Uniting the Nations by the Humility of Christ - Augusti

If pride caused diversities of tongues (at the Tower of Babel), Christ’s humility has united these diversities in one. The Church is now bringing together what that tower had sundered. Of one tongue there were made many; marvel not: this was the doing of pride. Of many tongues there is made one; marvel not: this was the doing of charity. For although the sounds of tongues are various, in the heart one God is invoked, one peace preserved.
— Augustine, “Lectures or Tractates on the Gospel According to St. John” Tractate VI