Greek Vocabulary for James

I have compiled vocabulary for the book of James of words occurring 32 times or less. I used Accordance Bible Software for the glosses and count.  There is a PDF (included is a table of contents for easier navigation on a computer and portable devices) of all the words and I also uploaded them to Quizlet.  There are many flashcard apps for iOS and Android that connect to Quizlet so you can study on the go.  Personally, I use and recommend Flashcard Deluxe for the iPhone.

I grouped the words in three different ways: 

  1. Entire book of James 
  2. By chapter
  3. By paragraph (according to the structure of the NA27)

This way if you want to go through a paragraph each day they can quickly pull this up and study unfamiliar vocabulary.  As your vocabulary builds it will be helpful to look at a list of terms by chapter and hopefully towards the end of your studies you can use the list for the entire book. 

If there are any questions or comments please either leave a comment below or email me at .

Here is the link for the PDF and Quizlet.

Update: It was also brought to my attention an app called Bible Vocab.  The app is free to download but has an in-app purchase cost of $3.99.  After briefly glancing at the app it seems to be the best solution I have seen in the app store.  You can set the the notecards either by frequency or passage. Here is a description from their website:

Bible Vocab is a simple and fun way to learn vocabulary from the Greek New Testament. It has an elegant and intuitive interface with beautiful backgrounds and superb Greek fonts. Just choose the passages you wish to work with and begin. There are two slideshow modes: Vocab Mode: where you see the words in their dictionary form Parsing Mode: where you see the words in the way they appear in the text and you are tested on their grammatical form.