Quickly Paste Bible References Using Accordance or Logos Bible Software

Often times when you are working on a project that includes bible references you will want to actually quote the bible verse. Generally the workflow would include opening up your bible software of choice, searching for the reference, and then copying and pasting that reference into the document. There is actually a quicker way to do this through the use of services on the Mac. Services allow apps to communicate in the background and do some basic functionality from that particular app. In the two videos below I show you how to use both Accordance and Logos Bible Software’s services to quickly retreive the text of a bible reference all with a simple keyboard shortcut without leaving your word processor.

Accordance has more robust services to offer:

  1. Insert verses - this service pastes the text from your default resource
  2. Insert verses from any text - this service allows you to choose the resource that you want to paste from
  3. Search for words - allows you to highlight a word (in any app) and search for it in Accordance
  4. Search with options - same as above but you get to choose what resource(s) you search from
  5. View verses - opens up Accordance to the verse you highlighted

In order to download Accordance’s service go here.

Logos Bible Software offers two services:

  1. Copy Bible Verses - opens up Logos to the copy bible verses module. At the time of writing I think this has a bug as I can not get it to work correctly
  2. Replace with passage - pastes the bible verse of the highlighted reference

For each of these services you can add keyboard shortcuts from the System Preferences. Note: If you have trouble getting this to work in some apps such as Pages then try changing the keyboard shortcut. If there are duplicate keyboard shortcuts for two different commands then both of them will not work.