30 Tips for New Seminarians

Here is my humble attempt at giving advice to new seminarians and even current ones. I am beginning my second semester of doctoral studies. I thought it may be beneficial to write out (from a current students perspective and on that recently finished his Masters) some of the things I wished I would have known before beginning seminary.

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Ryan Vasut on Using Evernote for Library Research

Ryan Vasut has some helpful tips on using Evernote to keep track of your library research

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Researching in Community

Some brief thoughts about doing research in community, getting things done, forming your own workflow.

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Cleaning Up Your Research PDF Workflow

The Highlights app allows you to extract your highlights and notes from a PDF to a text file automatically. This is what I have been looking for in a PDF application for research.

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New User Guides for Drafts and Evernote

One of the best ways to get content into Evernote is through an excellent little app called Drafts. I’ve written about Drafts and Evernote before in my Evernote for Academics series. Granted, with the advent of iOS 8 you can now use the Evernote widget to start a document but if your just inputting text then Drafts is still better (as in cleaner, easier to use, faster, more options, etc.)

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Adding Email Messages to Evernote via EverMail

EverMail is a neat little tool for Mail.app on the Mac that allows you to quickly and easily add mail messages to Evernote.

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Send Your Internet Tabs to Evernote with a Simple Keyboard Shortcut

Save all your internet tabs into a specific notebook in Evernote with a simple keyboard shortcut.

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Evernote for Academics Summary

Over the last couple months I wrote a series on how to better use Evernote in an academic setting. Below is a summary of the posts with links to each one. You can also find this list at the top of the page by clicking on the Evernote menu item.

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Evernote for Academics: Guest Post - Madison Pierce on Using Evernote for Research and Writing

Madison Pierce is a PhD Candidate in New Testament at Durham University working on the Book of Hebrews.

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Evernote for Academics: Day 06 - Research Workflows

We finally made it to Day 6 of the Evernote for Academics series. Today I will briefly cover some ideas that you can use in your research. Tomorrow, I will have a guest post on how one student uses Evernote in her research workflow.

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